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Friday, March 27, 2009

"ph" Words to Avoid Like the plague

I try to avoid these ph words as much as possible, but sometimes you just can't avoid them. I really wish there were alternative words for each of them. But there just aren't. And I hate that.

pamphlet, amphitheater, camphor

Okay, I really never need to say the word "camphor." And there is one "ph" word that I can always avoid:


I'm embarrassed to even type it. That's the only time I ever will.

Food words that make me lose my appetite

You hear these all the time to describe food in commercials.

Decadent, dollop, succulent.

Oh, and the word “yummy” whenever it is used to describe anything other than food. And even then it is only okay for a baby to say it.

Hello Fellow Word Haters

First of all, I need to clear something up. Damian, "doily" is mine. I claim that one. I've hated that word since before we started logging awful words during our freshman year in college. I believe that the d-word was my number one even back then.

Now that we have that out of the way, I'd like to introduce you all to a word that makes me shy anytime I hear it. Ready?


In every single context it is embarrassing. Seriously. Whether you are an eye, a wound or a willow, you should never, ever do it. And if you do, don't use that word to describe what you did.

that is all for now



I don't care, get another way to distribute your political ideas and or religious ideologies.

Call it a minibook or mega card. Just don't call it what people are calling it.

This word is barely worse than it's ugly friend "leaflet".

Either word deserves a punch in the throat.




If used properly I don't hate this word, but out of context... Don't say it, don't whisper it, don't even think it. I will punch you with a handful of gravel.

Use some level of restraint when deciding whether or not to use this word. I don't know how much, just some amount that is not too much.


My cousin Tom pointed this one out to me.

If there is one place that I don't want to end up it is probate. I mean if I hear this word by itself it's not that bad, but in mixed company it makes me blush. Please don't tell my mom that I have used this word before.


Don't say this word to me. Not unless you want a face full of slap.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009



I hate this word. I hate the look of it. Did you ever have that dream where you are in elementary school and you think everything is okay but then you realize that you are wearing extra-medium briefs and you can't pull your shirt down to cover them.

That is how I feel whenever this word is uttered even out of my ear shot.

Words I Hate/Love

The sole purpose of this blog is to post words that I hate. Sometimes people will make comments to disagree, but they are wrong. This is my blog. If you are awesome and hate embarrassing words maybe I will invite you to contribute to the blog.

PS> we are not going to spend any time talking about the word "moist" I am SO over that discussion and you probably fall on the wrong side of it.